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The Quandary is our dedicated inside the waistband "Fold-Over" or "Taco" concealed holster. It is designed exclusively for Conceal Carry Citizens and undercover or off duty use by LEO and Military. This holster uses .080" and .093" Kydex which provides unparalleled Level 1 retention and durability.  The Quandary is designed to work in the 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 4 o'clock positions and is adjustable between -5 and 20 degree to suite your particular carry angle. 

*** It now comes standard with Black Suede Leather on the back for comfort *** 


  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Minimalist cut for all day comfort
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • Partial Sweat Guard reduces the likelihood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigates rust and corrosion
  • User selectable Carry Angle 0 Degree (Straight Up and Down best for Appendix Carry) or 15 Degree (FBI Standard for Concealed Carry or Plain Clothing Duty)
  • Suede Leather padding on the rear of the holster for comfort and sweat absorption








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Best holster so far

Posted by Marius C, 19th Apr 2019
Like everyone who carries I tried numerous holsters but the Quandary takes the cake both in terms of stability and comfort. The construction is great and the thicker kydex gives me peace of mind that it won't fail on me.


Posted by charlie whetstone, 11th Dec 2018
good quality fit the gun perfectly

Quandry IWB

Posted by Rico, 14th Sep 2018
Awesome holster! Extremely comfortable, great quality will definitely buy more.


Posted by Phil, 24th Jul 2018
Just received my 3rd quandary. This is a fantastic holster. I love that you can now adjust it from zero (for appendix) to 15 degrees (for 4 O'Clock carry). Very slim and I also love the adjustable retention. You can get it to that "just right" fit.

Perfect holster

Posted by undefined, 2nd Aug 2017
The best holster I've ever had, fits so comfortably in my waistband and can't think of ever going back to any of my previous holsters.

Unbelieveable comfort

Posted by Patrick, 26th Jul 2017
I bought a new pistol a heavy steel CZ Shadow 2 for competition but like a boy with a new toy I did not like leaving it home. Had too much to drink one night and purchased Long's Shadow Holster to carry this heavy steel pistol. I normally carry a Glock 26. I found a Glock 19 too big to carry. My holster arrives and the fit and position is so well planned that I can actually carry this heavy steel CZ Shadow 2 comfortably well concealed and prints less than my Glock 19. I think I need another Long's Shadow holster for all my pistols.

perfect holster

Posted by undefined, 8th Jun 2017
Excellent build quality. Very comfortable fit perfect conceal holster. The customer service was excellent in answering all of my questions.

Well worth it

Posted by J, 23rd May 2017
Easy to carry. Comfortable. I actually prefer to carry on back hip, center of back with 15 degree cant, even though it is advertised for appendix carry. Just nice that this is so versatile. Said 6 weeks, received in 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Good customer service as well. Very friendly.

Best I Have found

Posted by Brian Bentz, 8th May 2017
Just purchased not one but two Quandary holsters. I bought the first one for my old Ultra Star and liked it so much I bought another for my Sig P938. Fits the gun perfectly, holds tight to the body and provides easy access.
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