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The Quandary (Qwan - dairy) is our dedicated inside the waistband "Fold-Over" or "Taco" concealed holster. It is designed exclusively for Conceal Carry Citizens and undercover or off duty use by LEO and Military. This holster uses .080" and .093" Kydex which provides unparalleled Level 1 retention and durability.  The Quandary is designed to work in the 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 4 o'clock positions and is adjustable between -5 and 18 degrees to suite your particular carry angle. 



  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Minimalist cut for all day comfort
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • Partial Sweat Guard reduces the likelihood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigates rust and corrosion
  • User selectable Carry Angle 0 Degree (Straight Up and Down best for Appendix Carry) or 15 Degree (FBI Standard for Concealed Carry or Plain Clothing Duty)
  • Optional Suede Leather padding on the rear of the holster for comfort and sweat absorption








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Best Holster I now own

Posted by Alan Schwartz, 23rd Nov 2019
I own over 30 holsters and by far this is my best holster. Fit and finish is exceptional, customer service is amazing and it is extremely comfortable. I use it for an STI staccato P. Amazing holster for an amazing gun. I will buy more from them in the future.

Antero review

Posted by Jaime Pino, 14th Nov 2019
Great holster. Feet’s close to the body and contours well. Retention is adjustable. I highly recommend. Great holster, amazing customer service

Hostler for a 9mm glock

Posted by Chris Matthewson, 18th Oct 2019
I had to wait 12 weeks but the hostler fits perfect. I am very pleased with the quality and should last me several years.


Posted by Rusty T, 23rd Aug 2019
Holster is excellent, fit great, wears even better.


Posted by Craig, 19th Jul 2019
Had to buy the TLR8 just because they started offering holsters for it! Love LONG SHADOW


Posted by Scott, 30th May 2019
All around, fit, form, weight , suede back. Awesome. Worth the wait.

Holster review

Posted by Shayne Kintzel, 29th May 2019
Have several Holsters and ammo pouches and love every single one of them

2011 quandry holster

Posted by David, 19th May 2019
Excellent holster! Function fit and finish are spot on. Very comfortable inside the waistband with a heavy piece.

The Quandary holster

Posted by Derek Sadowski, 1st May 2019
My STI DVC Carry 2011 slides into the holster and seats itself with a perfect, "Snick!" (Just the right amount of holding tension needed with IWB EDC) The leather lining that faces my body is form meeting function meeting comfort. The belt clip is strong and secure but designed properly so that I can place and remove the holster without removing my belt. I have looked long and can say with confidence there is no better IWB for double-stack 2011 frame pistols.
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