Warranty Information

Warranty for a Lifetime of use

We trust our products fully. We know LSHI holsters and carriers will provide you years of positive use and confidence whenever you decide to carry. That is why we back your purchase with a limited lifetime warranty. If the materials, an inherent design flaw, or hardware failure occurs, we may repair or replace your LSHI product after evaluating the issue. Just deliver it to one of our retailers or send it directly to LSHI for evaluation.  Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the failure for any repair, adjustment, or replacement to be approved.

Our limited lifetime warranty does not cover:

Lost, stolen, or damaged products due to use beyond and/or outside NIJ standards (cracks for improperly stored, intentional abuse/misuse, and or wear consistent with years of hard use may fall into this category. My team will evaluate based on your description of the events which led to the holster failure).

Normal wear and tear to include accessories which are designed to wear such as the leather backing on our IWB holsters, scratches/scuffs, discoloration, etc.  

Holsters which have been left in the sun or have been heated by the user to the point of deformity.   

Modifications made by the user including drilling additional holes, using tools to cut, sand, or remove areas of the product.

All decisions for warranty repair or replacement will be made by Long’s Shadow Holster Staff and are final.