Quandary Light Bearing Appendix Holster


The Quandary Light Bearing Appendix Holster is our dedicated ... Read More

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The Quandary Light Bearing Appendix Holster is our dedicated inside the waistband "Fold-Over" or "Taco" concealed holster. It is designed exclusively for Conceal Carry Citizens and undercover or off duty use by LEO and Military. This holster uses .080" and .093" Kydex which provides unparalleled Level 1 retention and durability.  The Quandary LBA is designed to work as an appendix carry holster and provides adjustability for user preferred ride height. 




  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Minimalist cut for all day comfort
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • Partial Sweat Guard reduces the likelihood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigates rust and corrosion
  • User selectable ride height
  • Optional Suede Leather padding on the rear of the holster for comfort and sweat absorption


For Left Handed Huron options, please call (720) 453-3903 for availability. We're open 8 to 4 Mon-Fri and Saturdays 10 to 3 Mountain Time.


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Incredible Appendix Holster

Posted by Tom, 18th Aug 2022
These guys are great. Couldn't speak better about the quality of their products or customer service. 100 % satisfied with my purchase. If you're looking for a CCW holster for a full sized handgun with a light this is the one you want.

Quandary Light Bearing

Posted by Nick, 16th Jun 2022
This holster is perfect! Long's Shadow Holsters are the best holsters on the market. Their attention to detail is incredible and their build-quality is bomb-proof. Just place your order now!

Sweat guard and belt clips.

Posted by Dan tacadena, 10th Mar 2022
Would prefer higher coverage up to end of the slide over the thumb safety. The supplied belt clips I took off . A single wide metal for a 1.75 wide belt With discrete style clip hook would be the cats Mewo!!! I replaced you 2 clips with a single Tier 1 Plastic belt clip and getting by with it. When I say wide ... it would both of your existing 2 row of holes. The clip is my biggest grip, the rest it seems great! I commute and hour each way to work and so far so good.. Thanks Dan in Oregon

Quandary AIWB Staccato P Holster With Surefire X300U-B

Posted by Yadean Sum, 4th Mar 2022
Love this holster. Conceals better than my sidecar Glock 19 holster even with the larger frame staccato pistol. The ONLY issue I have is the clips. They are extremely hard to remove once clipped due to the U shaped and sharp design. I ended up having to pull the belt out from beneath the clips before removing the holster. The clip plastic is also really stiff and hard to pry. I have a new set on order to resolve this but otherwise I love this holster!!
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