The Quandary "C" Appendix Carry Holster


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The All New Quandary "C" is our dedicated inside the waistband "Fold-Over" or "Taco" concealed holster featuring the DIY Concealment Claw. It is designed exclusively for Conceal Carry Citizens and undercover or off duty use by LEO and Military. This holster uses .080" and .093" Kydex which provides unparalleled Level 1 retention and durability.  The Quandary "C" is designed to work in the 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock positions (Appendix Carry - AIWB) and our spring steel belt clip is adjustable between -5 and 20 degree to suite your particular carry angle. 


*** Featuring the DIY Claw for the ultimate in concealment at the Appendix Carry Position ***



  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Minimalist cut for all day comfort
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • Partial Sweat Guard reduces the likelihood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigates rust and corrosion
  • User selectable Carry Angle 0 Degree (Straight Up and Down best for Appendix Carry) or 15 Degree (FBI Standard for Concealed Carry or Plain Clothing Duty)
  • Optional Suede Leather padding on the rear of the holster for comfort and sweat absorption





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Initial Review

Posted by Ty C, 29th Oct 2019
I just received this holster Monday October 28th so this is my initial 1st impression with about 6 hours of carry. I'm incredibly impressed with the comfort and quality if the holster. The retention is perfection no joke it's not overly tight and it's not too loose! I'm carrying an STI Staccato P and this holster makes it disappear. The item I first notice and was most impressed with was the clip!!!! This is not some flimsy kydex clip this clip take effort to get over a good quality gun belt and it there once in place. Over all kudos to Long's Shadow!
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