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     The Huron holster was designed with the goal of creating the best Competition holster with direct input from professional shooters. After tremendous trial, design, and review we released this model to give its user every advantage. Each holster is verified to the measured parameters set by USPSA/IPSC/IDPA/3-Gun division rules. Whether just a beginner or training to take a National or International Championship, you can count on your holster to perform flawlessly. This model uses .093" for solid colors and .080" for some prints and camouflage patterns.

      The Huron holster can also be configured for Tactical users who desire extreme reliability but do not require Level II retention. Selecting SRA Cut provides a more secure fit for range, training, or 3-Gun matches where dynamic movement and position are more common than not. 


  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing  3/32" and 1/8"Allen keys 
  • The Huron is set to accept most industry standard hangers to include Blade-Tech®, Comp-Tac®, G-Code®, Ben Stoeger®, Springer®, and Safariland® to name a few.
  • Hand sanded and buffed edges for smooth insertion and extraction of your handgun
  • The best option for Competition and Tactical users looking for professional grade equipment. This holster is fully customizable for your lifestyle and needs. It is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.  


Check out our sponsored Military, Professional, and Amateur shooters listed below: 

  • JD Williams - HK Shooting Team - USPSA Production and 3-Gun
  • Pat Doyle - Wilson Combat Shooting Team - USPSA - Law Enforcement Trainer - IDPA
  • Charlie Perez - USPSA Grand Master - USPSA Limited and Open
  • Daniel Bent and the members of the Colorado State Marksmanship Team - US Army National Guard Colorado
  • Jordan Blake - USPSA Multi-Gun (3-Gun)  - US Army Veteran, Firearms Instructor, and Veteran Business Owner of Valkyrie-ink
  • Richard Clare - Self Employed - USPSA Production
  • Stefan Jakobsen - Norwegian Army - Norwegian National Shooting Team
  • Paul Gregory - Sheriff's Deputy, Commander, - Colorado, United States - National Champion
  • Jerry Wescott - USPSA Area 2 Director - USPSA Production 




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Great product!!!

Posted by Marcos Acosta, 14th May 2018
This is my second Huron holster! I have one for my G19 and G34! Both holsters perform very well! Smooth draw and easy reholster!! Fits the guns perfect!! Josh is great to deal with and run a very good company. I definitely recommend buying this holster for sure.

not sure it's worth the money

Posted by undefined, 27th Mar 2018
For the money charged, I was not happy with this product. I have gotten much higher quality from other makers at lower costs. Lines are sloppy, reveal is waved. Shiny heat spots. And waited weeks longer then I was told it would take because they no longer could get parts at the price I paid.... no one called me to tell me this... I had to make contact every time.

my SA trp # huron

Posted by jason villanueva, 27th Mar 2018
My best holster i ever had ! The fit and finish is beautiful ! Made in u.s.a ! Definitely i will order another for my other gun ! It's long wait but its worth ! 101 percent satisfaction !

Top Shelf Holster

Posted by Colorado, 13th Nov 2017
"WOW" what a nice surprise! I own quit a few holsters and I have to say this one did wow me. Thank you, And I ordered an additional carry holster.

Very Nice Holster

Posted by undefined, 9th Nov 2017
The fit is excellent for my threaded with suppressor height sights STI 2011. The holster is very clean cut. The quick adjustment knob is a great feature. Keeping from five stars is that the front sight does not sit in the center of the holster cutout, this may be because it was compressed further than usual due to suppressor height sights. Another thing that would take it to the next level is a slight taper to the top of the holster for reholstering, but that's far from a deal breaker.

Slide wear inevitable

Posted by undefined, 10th Oct 2017
Retention on the pistol is at the top of the slide, adjusting the screws in back does little to alleviate or tighten the fit. Inside the holster is textured, not smooth, makes distinct dragging sound on draw. The retention point on the slide is already showing drag marks on inside of holster after a few draws. This will likely wear the finish on slides. (Long's Shadow Owner) After receiving this review, I would like to have had the opportunity to speak to the issues this user is having with his/her holster. It is apparent from his/her statements that they have little to no knowledge of the properties of Thermoform holster material (Kydex, Boltaron, Holstex) and holsters in general. The texture on the inside of the holster is the smoothest available for all thermoform products. The retention will always be the clamp force of the thermoform material clamping against the slide/firearm (friction retention or Level 1). Holster wear although minimal for the first 50 to 100 draws, is an inevitable part of holstering a firearm. Significant wear or unmanageable retention is an issue we at Long's Shadow can work to alleviate. If after reading this you have any questions or concerns, I would urge you to contact or swing by our office to go over our products and service. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and the highest quality products in the industry.


Posted by, 16th Aug 2017
Looks great, feels great, fits great.

Great product and great customer service

Posted by Lucas Martin, 10th Aug 2017
This is a great product and this company has excellent service. I originally ordered the wrong hanger and the owner took the time to talk me through what I needed and had me ship my holster back so they could put on a different piece properly for me. I highly recommend this holster and company.

Huron: STI DVC 3 Gun

Posted by, 1st Jun 2017
I wasn't familiar with Long Shadow Holsters before I made my purchase but they were one of few that make a holster specific to the STI DVC 3 Gun. I took a chance and purchased a Huron Holster, and I couldn't be happier with what I received. Fit and finish is great, retention is great, and with the black carbon fiber finish is looks pretty bad ass too! I've already recommended these holsters to other and I WILL be a repeat customer myself!
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