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     The Huron holster was designed with the goal of creating the best Competition holster with direct input from professional shooters. After tremendous trial, design, and review we released this model to give its user every advantage. Each holster is verified to the measured parameters set by USPSA/IPSC/IDPA/3-Gun division rules. Whether just a beginner or training to take a National or International Championship, you can count on your holster to perform flawlessly. This model uses .093" for solid colors and .080" for some prints and camouflage patterns.

      The Huron holster can also be configured for Tactical users who desire extreme reliability but do not require Level II retention. Selecting SRA Cut provides a more secure fit for range, training, or 3-Gun matches where dynamic movement and position are more common than not. 


  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing  3/32" and 1/8"Allen keys 
  • The Huron is set to accept most industry standard hangers to include Blade-Tech®, Comp-Tac®, G-Code®, Ben Stoeger®, Springer®, and Safariland® to name a few.
  • Hand sanded and buffed edges for smooth insertion and extraction of your handgun
  • The best option for Competition and Tactical users looking for professional grade equipment. This holster is fully customizable for your lifestyle and needs. It is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.  


Check out our sponsored Military, Professional, and Amateur shooters listed below: 

  • JD Williams - HK Shooting Team - USPSA Production and 3-Gun
  • Charlie Perez - USPSA Grand Master - USPSA Limited and Open
  • Daniel Bent and the members of the Colorado State Marksmanship Team - US Army National Guard Colorado
  • Richard Clare - Self Employed - USPSA Production
  • Paul Gregory - Sheriff's Deputy, Commander, - Colorado, United States - National Champion
  • Germaine Adams - USPSA Production and Limited - Colorado, United States
  • Neil Mamaril - USPSA Single Stack and Tactical - US Navy Electronics Veteran and ESSTAC Employee
  • Ryan Wharton - 3 Gun - US Army 18B Retired - Green Beret Association Shooting Team Leader
  • Jamie Havig - USPSA Limited - US Navy Corpsman FMF Veteran
  • Taryn Davis - 3 Gun and USPSA Limited - US Army Nurse Veteran




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Huron SP-01 Holster

Posted by Marc Vetovitz, 30th May 2019
Great fit, perfectly formed holster. Very smooth draw, great option for USPSA shooting. Would definitely order again.

the holster is great!.....but

Posted by MK, 15th May 2019
Holster fits the HK VP9L like a glove. Nice in and out glide like a pro at the bunny ranch. The only issue I had is the color choice. Next time Ill stick to the color I choose over what was given with looking. My fault but that's why God gave is spray paint and common sense right?! lol


Posted by Jack Lasinski, 30th Apr 2019
A lot lighter weight then I expected. Fits great. Only need to slightly adjust the screws to get a big difference in retention. Would buy again

Love it!

Posted by Emily Wood, 16th Apr 2019
I ordered the competition holster for my STI DVC 3 gun..and it came so fast and it’s awesome quality! There were some other companies I could have gone with..but I chose Long’s Shadow because I’ve heard great things. I am not disappointed!

Huron Holster

Posted by Rick Scheri, 21st Mar 2019
This is a very well built holster, with great retention and excellent fit and finish. Not much else to say.


Posted by Paul, 9th Mar 2019
Great holster, excellent build quality. Fast turnaround time.-Two weeks from the the day I ordered and it was in my mailbox.!

Huron Holster

Posted by T. Sharp, 2nd Feb 2019
This is my third holster from Josh and the boys. It is for my Beretta Elite LTT and I have been spending a fair bit of range time with it in preparation for IDPA and a combat type league coming up. Fit and finish is top notch. I am also a CZ fan boy and getting holsters for some of the models can be hard to find. Not to worry. If they do not show a mold for it they are happy to make it for you if they have the pistol. Some times their lead times can be a little long but I am always happy I went with them when the product shows up ! Thanks guys !!!!


Posted by Jason, 9th Oct 2018
Outstanding holster, even better customer service.

Huron Holster

Posted by Caleb Driggers, 22nd Sep 2018
Great retention and excellent quality. The adjustment knob works great. Best customer service ever in the history of holster companies
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