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The Crestone L2 is purpose built for the professional gun user in today's police and military services. Each holster is crafted to incredible tolerance and built for hard use. We know how these holsters get treated because we come from the same walks as you. Each Crestone L2 holster features a Blade-Tech ® WRS Level II retention Hood System, adjustable Level I friction retention, bomb proof accessories, and our signature look. 



  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all Crestone L2 products and services (see our "Warranty" tab at
  • Level II Retention system (Blade-Tech ® WRS) 
  • User adjustable Level I Retention utilizing  3/32" Allen key  (included)
  • The Crestone L2 is set to accept most industry standard hangers to include Safariland, Blade-tech, Comp-Tac, G-Code Attachments.
  • Hand sanded and buffed edges 
  • Includes: Premium materials and Premium accessories.
  • Threaded Barrel, Light/Laser, Suppressor Sights, Red Dot Optics can be included on select models. 

*Stand off refers to the size of the standoffs used to mount the holster to the belt accessory.

Agencies who use our gear

  • Adams County
  • Arapahoe County
  • Arvada PD
  • Boulder County 
  • Boulder PD
  • Broomfield PD
  • Buckly Airfield OSI Federal Agents
  • Colorado State P
  • Denver PD
  • Denver Mint Federal Agents
  • Denver FBI Agents
  • Estes Park PD
  • Frederick PD
  • Firestone PD
  • Johnstown PD
  • Lakewood PD
  • Longmont PD
  • Weld County
  • Westminster PD
  • US Marshals Service
  • US Marines
  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Secret Service
  • Members of SOCOM 
  • PD's in Florida
  • PD's in Lousiana 
  • PD's in Michigan
  • PD's in Norway
  • Norway Special Police
  • PD's in Finland






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Awesome slick design

Posted by Ed Carruthers, 3rd Aug 2019
Design is slick. Retention is perfect

Crestone L2

Posted by Brad McKiernan, 17th Jun 2019
Outstanding duty holster. Very secure, fast and well made. Perfect fit and easily adjustable.

Crestone 2 holster

Posted by Mitchell, 8th Jun 2019
Holster works great! Gun fits very snug don’t even need the safety clip on the back but I wanted it because I do a lot of trail riding and didn’t want any possibility of it falling out. 100% I would recommend

New Holster

Posted by Mark Otto, 5th Jun 2019
Just got new holster and it works Great


Posted by Mark , 20th Aug 2018
Long Shadow is the 4th company and 4th holster I have ordered a custom "duty holster" from. The Crestone L2 is the best by far. It's built solid with very little flex. The kydex is thick and actually matches quite well to my Safariland STX Tactical pouches. The design is professional and the finish and attention to detail is great. This holster doesn't look like it was made in someone's garage. It fit my Walther PPQ with TLR-1 pretty good. The WRS hood is positioned perfectly but there needs to be a bit more room in the retention spacers to tighten the retention down a bit more. My only other small complaint is the Safariland QLS mounts sets the gun a bit to low on the belt loop but that's an easy fix. I'll just need to get a mid ride loop instead of my low ride one. Overall though I'm very impressed. Time will tell though as to the long term durability and how it holds up in the cold Wyoming winters.

Crestone L2

Posted by Mike M., 18th Oct 2017
I was looking for a holster to fit a weapon (HK VP9 Tactical, w/ Surefire XC1) and was having a hard time finding one. This really fit the bill, and it turned out awesome. As it was a custom order, when I ordered it the website stated it would be 8 to 10 weeks for manufacturing and I had it in 4 weeks.

st I Costa holster

Posted by Mark hector, 16th Aug 2017
Very nice just what I wanted...


Posted by Ashton Thomas, 14th Apr 2017
So here is the deal, I was referred to this place by a co-worker who needed a customized holster. My friend talked non stop about the quality of the holster. Because of the accessories I had done to my side arm I needed to find a holster which would accomodate multiple accessories. I was not let down, from my initial phone call with them, through ordering online, and receiving my new holster I can say without hesitation that this was one of those purchases you totally appreciate. Kudos!

Best Duty Holster I've ever had

Posted by Benjamin Carter, 22nd Sep 2016
I work in armed security and needed a well built, reliable holster for work. Originally, I had ordered a different holster, but after talking with Josh, it seemed that the Crestone L2 would suit my needs best. As a side note, I had own two Antero holsters from LSHI, and was so impressed, that I will be hard pressed to use another holster for concealment or duty (if given the choice) again. The retention system is well made, and even under stress, it is easy to disengage and draw your weapon. Dustin did an outstanding job fitting all of the pieces together so that my HK VP9 fit soundly from the get-go. Add some blue (removable) thread locker on the thread screws, and the only thing that might have a chance at wrecking this holster would be a nuke, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure that would do it. The kydex is the thickest out of any holster I've seen in the industry, the bolts, screws, washers, etc. are all solid, the retention mechanism is soundly built, and a breeze to operate. In my eyes, this holster has no weaknesses. These holsters are built like a brick house, and well worth the price point, especially if you are in a profession where your life is on the line. As they say, buy once, cry once. This is a great holster from a great company. A huge thank you to the staff at LSHI for producing such a quality product and for customer service that is the best in the business!
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