Byrna® HD/SD Launcher Level 2 Holster with Weapon Mounted Light


The Crestone L2 for the Byrna® HD/SD Less Lethal Launcher is purpose ... Read More

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The Crestone L2 for the Byrna® HD/SD Less Lethal Launcher is purpose built for civilian and professional gun users in today's police and military services. Each holster is crafted to incredible tolerance and built for hard use. We know how these holsters get treated because we come from the same walks as you. Each Crestone L2 holster for the Byrna HD/SD Launcher with a Streamlight TLR-1 Weapon Mounted Light features a Level II retention Hood System, adjustable Level I friction retention, bomb proof accessories, and our signature look. 



  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all Crestone L2 products and services (see our "Warranty" tab at
  • Level II Retention system  
  • User adjustable Level I Retention utilizing  3/32" Allen key  (included)
  • The Crestone L2 is set to accept most industry standard hangers to include Safariland, Blade-tech, Comp-Tac, G-Code Attachments.
  • Hand sanded and buffed edges 
  • Includes: Premium materials and Premium accessories.

*Stand off refers to the size of the standoffs used to mount the holster to the belt accessory.

Agencies who use our gear

  • Adams County SO
  • Arapaho County SO
  • Arvada PD
  • Boulder County 
  • Boulder PD
  • Broomfield PD
  • Buckley Airfield OSI Federal Agents
  • Colorado State P
  • Denver PD
  • Denver Mint Federal Agents
  • Denver FBI Agents
  • Estes Park PD
  • Frederick PD
  • Firestone PD
  • Johnstown PD
  • LA PD
  • LA County SO
  • Lakewood PD
  • Long Beach PD
  • Longmont PD
  • Weld County SO
  • Westminster PD
  • US Marshals Service
  • US Marshals Service Special Operations Group
  • US Marines
  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Secret Service
  • Members of SOCOM
  • PD's in Norway
  • Norway Special Police
  • PD's in Finland


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Review for the Byrna SD/HD launcher level 2 holster

Posted by Tosh Dorsey, 14th Mar 2023
I love the level 2 holster! The material durability, the basket weave design and retention of the weapon I am pleased with all the features. My only issue is the rentention release takes a bit of pressure to push to release but I'm going to give it some use to see if it loosens up a tad for me.

Holster,for Byrna SD/HD with lught

Posted by Lanny V., 12th May 2022
Very nice holster, only thing it fits a little loose. Could only tight bottom srew,, could not get the cap off the upper screw. So it rattles acrew
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