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All Antero Holsters are Right handed unless listed as "Left Handed" in Handgun Model below

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All Antero Holsters are Right handed unless listed as "Left Handed" in Handgun Model below

Introducing the Antero Pancake holster!  Manufactured from precision molds for unparalleled consistency and a crisp secure fit, this updated holster represents the pinnacle of modern holster perfection.  With our relentlessly reliable adjustable retention system and either our updated Slant Loops, for Outside the Waist carry or our Griphooks for and Inside the Waist configuration you can count on the Antero!  Limited Lifetime Warranty *** See exclusions at ***



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Best Holster I Own for my STI DVC3

Posted by BENJAMIN RAKHMAN, 15th Jan 2020
This holster is well worth the wait... Its the best holster i have seen that allows me to carry my STI DVC 3 with an attached pistol light. The holster is beautiful, slim, holds tight to the beltline, and reduces the weight of the firearm. Incredible quality, snug fit, long wait time but well worth it as mentioned.


Posted by Enrico, 28th Oct 2019
I have bought several holsters from Long's Shadow holster and it is the only brand I will use. Fit and finish is second to none and by far the most comfortable. The best out there hands down!!

Antero OWB Holster

Posted by Jeff Burger, 15th Oct 2019
By far my favorite holster. The design affords for absorbing the weight of the Staccato C. Very comfortable and the curved design allows for a close fit to the body for great concealment. I love the 10 degree cant as well. Customer service is great and responsive. The lead time was about 8 weeks which I knew going in. Certainly well worth the wait. I will be buying another holster for my Edge.

Love the holster design

Posted by chad frigon, 3rd Oct 2019
Well I love the holster design. I purchased the IWB clips and own clips with this holster. I was not a fan of the stock sti IWB holster. After getting the holster I carried it in the IWB configuration and was not a fan at all. The contour of the holster put pressure and pain it being a 90-10 design (close to) for IWB in my opinion it would need to be a 10-90 design so the outline of the gun isn’t putting pressure on your bones. I’m 175 very fit and tried wearing it from 2-5oclock and had the same outcome. I then carried it owb. It felt a lot better the outline of the gun still put a tiny bit of pressure on specific spots but it till a wile before I felt that like after 6-8 hours of wearing it. The owb clips hold it off your body so the gun imprint being 90-10 (Might even be considered 100-0) doesn’t sit on your body as much like the IWB clips did. So all in all I like it for owb but do not recommend it for IWB. Took like 2-4 months for it to come in but I got the Deadpool on unicorn design so that’s about a normal timeline. The design and fit and finish are 100%. This is my firs holster from them I have about 20 or so kydex holsters so I’m not a nube on subject.

Owb sti staccato c holster

Posted by Peter, 13th Sep 2019
The construction of the holster is great, it’s the most durable holster I have.

You just don't know

Posted by Robert M., 8th Aug 2019
I was looking for a decent holster for EDC OWB and figured if STI sells them on their website I would check them out. Took the risk and picked one up for my STI DVC tactical with x300 and being a custom made one because of the threaded barrel i got it in about 8 weeks which is in line with the est wait time on the site. No fancy packaging when it arrived ( I like that because I hate paying extra for fancy packaging that has no use) and the handgun slipped in perfectly, tension was preset from them and even the threaded barrel was perfectly centered in the cut out. The real test was using it though, I am 6'4'' 330lbs and always have issues with tops of holster digging in and it is something i just have grown used to but that has now changed. This is the one holster i can say that if i didnt feel the weight of the gun I would have no idea i was wearing it, its that comfortable. I now see Long Hostlers being the only company I use from this point. If you have any doubt take the jump. You will love it

Antero holster

Posted by Bill Frady, 10th Jul 2019
The Antero is an outstanding owb holster that works perfectly with my Staccato P Duo. Additionally their response time and shipping is peerless.

Antero Holster and IWB Conversion Kit

Posted by Chad, 24th Apr 2019
Awesome product functionality and craftsmanship. Thanks!
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