The Antero Pistol Holster


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The Antero is the flagship product at LSHI. With over 4 years in production and development and 20,000 draw strokes by professionals in the firearms industry, this tried and true holster provides its user with absolute confidence. This .093" thick Kydex holster is made with the finest materials and is used by concealed carry, police, and military customers. It can be configured to satisfy your lifestyle and job profile with a full suite of accessories. 


  • Adjustable Retention system ultilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Drilled for most current attachments available
  • It comes standard as an Outside the Waist holster but can easily be converted to Inside the Waist utilizing our Antero IWB Conversion Kit available under our Accesories tab
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • High cut sides to allow for easy access to both front and rear pants pockets
  • Full sweat guard reduces the liklyhood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigating rust and corrosion
  • Selectable Carry Angle 0 Degree (Straight Up and Down best for Duty and range use) or 15 Degree (FBI Standard for Concealed Carry or Plain Clothing Duty)





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Posted by Barrett Smith, 4th Oct 2018
My holster fits great for the STI Tactical pistol and X300 light. Thanks guys & gals, Barrett Smith

Great build quality and superb service

Posted by RC, 2nd Oct 2018
I've owned several holsters, but this one was my first interaction with LSH. I was looking for something that would accommodate an Olight PL Mini Valkyrie, and who was also local to me, so I was stoked when I discovered these guys. The kydex is nice and thick, the hardware is high quality, and when I arrived to pick it up they tested it on my actual sidearm to make sure everything was good to go. No complaints so far.

The Antero Pistol Holster

Posted by Lisa Rockford, 5th Sep 2018

Great holster, bad fit

Posted by Christian Barrett, 10th Aug 2018
The holster is of great quality, but not flawless. I have had it for a few weeks and like the way it looks and fits on my side. I do have two issues with the holster. My configuration is the full size p320 with the TLR-HL attached. For whatever reason, the weapon is very difficult to put all the way into the holster. The holster hugs the lense portion of the light too tightly and makes drawing very difficult. I have loosened up the tension screw to the point that it became ineffective in attempt to remedy the issue. When I loosened the tension screw, it made the entire holster very loose on the gun except for the light attachment. The other issue is the belt attachment. Due to the shape of the back of the holster, if you do not have a very very thin belt, you cannot maneuver the belt through the tight angles. With that being said, I believe that I probably have a lemon in regards to fit. In regards to the issue with the belt attachments, I believe that is probably a side effect of having the light attachment. I wish the hoster would have a clean crisp snap when I inserted the pistol, but it has to be forced in. (Long's Shadow Response) Good morning Chris, I saw your review and would like the opportunity to fix your fitment and attachments. My team and I back up our products fully and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please give me a shout (720) 552-3501 at your convenience and we can get you the information you need to get the faulty rig repaired/replaced. FYI, for future reference, if you have any issues with gear we produce and/or sell, reach out and we’ll get you straightened out. This will give us the opportunity to take care of you rather than finding out via a negative review that your product doesn’t live up to your expectations or ours. Joshua Beaumont, USN President Long’s Shadow Holster, Inc. (720) 552-3501

Great Holster

Posted by Robert Born, 24th Jul 2018
Very nice holster that holds the pistol close to your body. Kydex is top shelf, and the work screams quality.

Great holster

Posted by Christian Barrett, 13th Jul 2018
This holster looks and feels like quality craftsmanship. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Top Quality!

Posted by undefined, 25th Apr 2018
High quality materials, well put together, and at a reasonable price. Definitely worth the wait.

product amazing, 8 week waiting not so much.

Posted by undefined, 6th Mar 2018
I recently got my holster and I love it. The way it fits is truly amazing and the way it fits my gun is second to none. My only complaint is waiting 2 months to receive my holster.

Great holster

Posted by John Parks, 4th Mar 2018
I bought this holster for my Glock 43 on the recommendation of a friend.I liked it so well that I ordered another for my Glock 17.Great holster,you can hardly tell it's there.
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