Motorola® APX 6000/7000 MRD Radio Carrier


The Motorola® APX 6000/7000 Radio has fast become the standard two way communication de ... Read More

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The Motorola® APX 6000/7000 Radio has fast become the standard two way communication device from many industries.  My team and I looked at the included carrier and saw a monstrous need for something better.  We teamed up with CAD Designer and master mold maker Josh McNeil from MC Kydex and have created a feature rich product to serve many different occupational needs.  


  • Two Piece Pancake Design for a durable package which protects the entire radio from damage
  • Adjustable Retention for absolutely positive retention defined by the user and quickly adjusted with an included 1/8" Allen Hex Key
  • Multiple Attachment Capability from a duty belt to MOLLE and even a lanyard or sling for those in Fire Fighting Service
  • User selectable options for specific industry needs including:
    • Low cut for standard battery
    • High cut for extended life battery
    • Velcro patch in the front for mounting a badge, the mic, or other personalized item to distinguish unit ownership etc.
    • High mounting position for low radio mount to accommodate a long antennae  


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GREAT radio carrier

Posted by Timothy Zimmerman, 19th Mar 2019
Anyone who carries an APX radio know the OEM beltclip is TERRIBLE. I could not be happier with the Longs Shadow APX carrier. Despite it appearing bulky, the carrier on the belt, in a bucket seat of a pickup, is MUCH more comfortable than the radio in the OEM clip. As a plus, the radio is provided much better protection from damage in this carrier. I am VERY pleased with the holster and the customer service is outstanding.
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