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The Antero Classic Double Magazine Carrier for training and concealment. It features a contoured ... Read More

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The Antero Classic Double Magazine Carrier for training and concealment. It features a contoured curve at each end for a comfortable fit and minimal printing. The retention is adjustable utilizing a 3/32" Allen Key. It can be configured for Belt Carry for 1.5" or 1.75" belts


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Antero Double Mag MRD

Posted by R. Chase, 15th Apr 2019
This is by far my favorite mag carrier so far. The double-adjustable retention is fantastic and allows for smooth reinsertion but firm retention of the magazine. As a user you're going to want to eventually loctite the fasteners once you get your adjustments dialed in, but that's typical of every holster on the market, so not a criticism as much as a suggestion for new buyers. Also, bear in mind this isn't *as* concealable as the standard Antero pancake. Still pretty good, and completely acceptable.

Great Dual Mag Carrier

Posted by Robert Born, 24th Jul 2018
Great dual mag carrier that compliments the Antero holster well. Fit and finish is perfect.

O.D. Green Perfect!!!!!!!!!

Posted by, 26th Jan 2018
Very well assembled, impressed with the concealment & color........extremely comfortable & that’s what I was looking for other than concealment. Good works LSHolster, be expecting my future orders

Just what I was looking for

Posted by Brian Bentz, 5th May 2017
Recently purchased the double mag carrier and it is perfect. Fits close to the body so it hides well, quick access to magazines and it is versatile, not only does it work for 1911 magazines but for my Ultra Star 9MM too. I would definitely recommend this one.

Concealed Carry, Feather weight

Posted by Doug Paul, 8th Feb 2017
This was a gift, I've carried for close to 2 years now, been through a gambit of holsters and styles, Kydex to leather different style and mold type, none have really the comfort and utilization, I conceal carry a full frame HK VP9 and with this combo from Long Shadow, I have complete confidence, looking forward for other styles they carry. Well Made American Product. Colorado Native Endrosed and Supported.

Great product

Posted by Steve Miller, 30th Dec 2016
I had this holster and mag clip holder recommended by my firearm instructor. Looked it up on line and decided to give it a try. Loved that he was instate and close. Also really liked that his holsters and holders were made with very good quality and detail. I would highly recommend them.

Fantastic Mag Carrier

Posted by Benjamin Carter, 22nd Sep 2016
I use this mag carrier for both CCW and work purposes. Previously, I had used mag carriers from Blackhawk and Black Point Tactical. The kydex on this mag carrier is very thick and is molded perfectly to for my VP9 mags. The tension and fit was spot on right out of the package, and required no adjustment. If however you did need to adjust the tension, a simple torquing with an allen key will square you away. In terms of size, they will fit well on a belt and not take up excess real estate so you can place additional equipment on your duty belt, and is also low profile enough for concealment purposes. The mags are snug and secure, but are not difficult to retrieve by any means. The belt loops are very sturdy and I see no future issues in this area either. Absolutely worth the price and I will likely pick up more of these for the rest of my handguns in the future! Another excellent product from these guys, I have no complaints!

perect fit

Posted by Steve Pischke, 7th Apr 2016
Like the holester, these magazine holders allowed a perfect fit of my gwo magazines. They hugged the body just like the holester and again showed very little outline when covered by outer clothing. Again I could npt be mlre happy with my order!
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